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Offering a supportive & inviting enviroment for you to develop core strength, lengthen & tone your muscles, prevent injuries, breathe effectively, gain more freedom of movement,improve posture as as greatly decrease stress, increase energy & enhance your life.

All Welcome Here

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, all are welcome here. Modifications as well as new challenges are always offerred. Regardless of past all are encouraged to embrace the now, be open to new or familiar practices & excerise the courage to just experience.

Fully Propped

Our Studio is fully propped with mats, blankets, blocks, straps, bolsters, stability balls & an inviting atmosphere. We have everything you will need to help support the perfect class for you.

Become Aware

Awareness is the key to change. Along with it we invite ourselves to accept things as they are in the moment & give ourselves permission to explore our limits.

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Studio News

The latest happening with the studio, this is our message board!

April 10th

Studio Update

As many of you might already know I’m currently battling breast cancer. It is potentially a long road ahead, however, the studio will remain open through it all. I will teach whatever classes I am able to, and will rely on the support of other teachers to fulfil the rest of the schedule. I will give updates here and on Facebook as my treatment progresses for those of you who are interested. Peace in!

January 3rd

Private Sessions Added

Further enhancing our offerings we have added a section for private and semi-private offerings for Personal training, Therapeutic yoga and the Pilates Reformer, complete with online purchases for passes.

To celebrate this addition we will be offering a special introductory three session 1/2 hour pass for the Pilates Reformer. That’s a savings of $30 from the list price of $90. Offer expires at the end of January and will be valid from six months from the date of purchase.

Private Session Special

November 20th

Winter Schedule Posted!

We have posted our Winter schedule which includes three registered courses: Therapeutic Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Prental Yoga. In addition we are offering seven drop in classes for Pilates, Yin Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa and our Tabatta fitness class. See what works for your schedule and come on out! Winter doesn’t have to be couch weather, take care of your body!
October 1st

Plank Goodness!

Our 30 day plank challenge has come to a close! Congrats to everyone who braved the task! If you were late to the challenge or want to refer it to a friend then see all of the videos at the below link.

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as in the coming months we will be exploring a variety of topics including Yoga for chronic pain, Yoga for hockey and much more!

View all of our challenge videos.

Class Schedule

October 2015
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Category: Drop-InHatha Vinyasa Yoga - 6:30 pm

Category: Drop-InYin Yoga - 9:00 am

Category: Drop-InPilates - 9:15 am

Category: Drop-InHatha Vinyasa Yoga - 6:30 pm

Category: ClosedThanksgiving - N/A

Category: ClosedThanksgiving - N/A

Category: ClosedThanksgiving - N/A

Category: ClosedThanksgiving - N/A

Category: Drop-InYin Yoga - 9:00 am

Category: Drop-InPilates - 9:15 am

Category: Drop-InHatha Vinyasa Yoga - 6:30 pm

Category: Drop-InYin Yoga - 7:00 pm

Category: Drop-InYin Yoga - 9:00 am

Category: Drop-InPilates - 9:15 am

Category: Drop-InHatha Vinyasa Yoga - 6:30 pm

Category: Drop-InYin Yoga - 7:00 pm

Category: Drop-InYin Yoga - 9:00 am

Category: Drop-InPilates - 9:15 am

If you have any questions Or suggestions / requests for offerings feel free to let us know either by visiting our contact form or via text message to (905) 439-9642.

We don’t promise goals, only tools to reach them.

Yoga, Pilates, HIIT & Tabatta are buzz words in pop culture today. Whether you are a lifelong yogi, fitness buff or just starting for the first time, a quick google search will provide you with enough choices in your area to make your head spin. Variety is a good thing & one we actually encourage as different teachers bring with them their own unique experience. We wish to share our experiences with you to help you explore your potential, challenge your edges & shed tension to improve you quality of life. Read our testimonial & come out to a class, you won’t be disappointed.

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Drop In Classes Offered

Life can be busy for us all & when your schedule is hectic or if you just want to try out a new class this is your best bet.

Yin Yoga

It is no surprise that the popularity of Yin Yoga is increasing as it seems to be the perfect antidote for a world that is simply “yanged out”. This practice stimulates our physical, emotional, mental & energetic bodies. Our Yin practice targets connective tissue such as fascia, ligaments, tendons bones & joints with mindful gentle compression & long holds. Although most of this practice focuses physically on the legs, hips & spine it also influences the flow of chi (energy) as the postures stimulate the bodies meridians.


Ahhh! the other mat, another wonderful mindful method to choose to stay fit & healthy. The Pilates approach entails a series of stretching & resistance training exercises with a focus on breathing & body awareness that leads to core stability & leaner muscles. This unique system of stretching & strengthening, tones & elongates muscles, flattens abdominals, improves body mechanics, alleviates stress & tension, isolates, activates & conditions deep muscles.

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha is the foundation of all yoga asana (Postures). Our Hatha/ Vinyasa yoga is eclectic & free allowing you to focus on classical yoga postures, rhythmic breathing & deep relaxation with the opportunity for you to extend & challenge yourself more fully. Increase your energy flow, relieve stress, tension & enhance flexibility & overall health.


Condition all of the energy systems in your body. This is a type of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) program that combines weight training & cardiovascular fitness; an excellent way to maximize a workout & boost fat burnning, yah! Beginners are always welcomed & the program is tailored to the individual.

Restorative Yoga

If your daily life serves you a smorgasbord of busy, stressful or always on the go schedules, then it is time to order up some Restorative Yoga for dessert. The goal of this practice is to experience deep relaxation through supported postures using props which allow you to let go & open your body with passive stretching. We supply all the blocks, bolsters or blankets for you to linger quietly in soothing well supported poses & savour the simple sweetness of life. This is a relaxing style of practice stimulates a part of your nervous system that turns off stress & leaves you feeling open & refreshed.

Click here to buy drop in session passes.

Registered Classes Offered

For those seeking more of a commitment a registered class offers the best value & also an opportunity to dive deeper into your practice.

Intro To Ashtanga Yoga

Learn the fundamentals of the Ashtanga yoga practice in a slow, safe & comprehensive manner. In this four week course students will learn Sun Salutations & the fundamental standing asanas (postures), breathing techniques, & philosophy of the Ashtanga yoga system. Focus on fundamental of this practice…sun salutations, strengthening standing poses & seated poses that enhance flexibility & core strength.

Upcoming Dates

To be announced.

Registration — $88 for 6 weeks
Optional Fees: 5 sessions $74, 4 sessions $59, 3 sessions $46, 2 session $32, 1 session $20
*Drop-ins accepted provided space is available.

Therapeutic Yoga

Chronic pain, chronic conditions, anxiety & depression can drain our energies, disconnect us from ourselves & diminish our zest for life. Research shows that practising yoga leads to significant improvements with everyday functioning & the managing of pain, anxiety & depression. Immerse yourself in a safe & effective practices to decreases your pain & help to to live well again. Improve ease of movement, promote healing, wind down your nervous system & positive & lasting changes for your life.

Upcoming Dates

To be announced.

Registration — $88 for 6 weeks
Optional Fees: 5 sessions $74, 4 sessions $59, 3 sessions $46, 2 session $32, 1 session $20
*Drop-ins accepted provided space is available.

Prenatal Yoga

The word yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning yoke or connection. Yoga connects your body, mind & spirit. Yoga can connect you to your baby, too! The practice of yoga gives you the opportunity to create a world (your body) for your baby that is healthy & at peace.
“What a child learns in the womb cannot be learned on earth.” Yogi Bhajan
Great changes take place in the human body during pregnancy. Practicing yoga is a great way to slow down & appreciate these changes.

Upcoming Dates

To be announced.

Registration — $88 for 6 weeks (Register by September 8th & pay $74!)
Optional Fees: 5 sessions $74, 4 sessions $59, 3 sessions $46, 2 session $32, 1 session $20
*Drop-ins accepted provided space is available.

Click here to buy registered class passes.

Private / Semi-Private Classes Offered

If you are seeking more individualized attention, motivation and support private and/or semi-private sessions are for you.

Personal Training

Our fully certified and highly experienced personal trainers Lee Anne and Alex bring a wealth of experience and passion to motivate, coach, support and help you realize your goals. No two people are alike in terms of their body composition and what stimulus they need to see results. As such, one-size fit all blanket plans are very much hit or miss. Years of training, coaching others and continuing education help us to tailor a plan for you that is one of a kind and help you to achieve heights you potentially never thought were even possible. We offer private one on one sessions, or semi-private group training of up to four people.

$60 per 1 hour session
$30 per 1 hour Semi-Private session
Other Packages: 10 x 1 hour sessions $550, 5 x 1 hour sessions $287.50, 10 x Semi-Private 1 hour sessions $275, 5 x Semi-Private 1 hour sessions $143.75

Therapetic Yoga

Our private Therapeutic practice supports those who believe their levels of pain, fatigue, tightness, tension or stress are standing between themselves and the rest of their lives. Therapeutic Yoga is the balanced and mindful approach to health and healing that enables you to develop awareness and sense of ease. Reduce pain, while developing strength, stability and mobility. Suitable for those who suffer from ailments such as tight hips, low back, neck or shoulder pain, have tension throughout the body and/or suffer from chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few.

$60 per 1 hour session
$30 per 1/2 hour session
Other Packages: 10 x 1 hour sessions $550, 5 x 1 hour sessions $287.50, 10 x 1/2 hour sessions $275, 5 x 1/2 hour sessions $143.75

Pilates Reformer

Pilates teaches body awareness while improving strength and flexibility, with a special focus on the core. The Pilates Reformer is a piece of equipment used to enhance the movements and exercises found in our Pilates mat drop in classes. The Reformer provides support and/or resistance, as well as a dynamic array of Pilates exercise sequences. Sessions include a warm-up, followed by breathing exercises, and targeted training for arms, back, chest, legs, shoulders, spine and abdominals. Suitable for all levels – Beginners to Elite Athletes! The Reformer provides an alternative form of strength training from traditional weights which is low impact and improves strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. It may look daunting at first, but the Reformer is easy to use and adds a whole new level of training to your Pilates practice.

$60 per 1 hour session
$30 per 1/2 hour session
Other Packages: 10 x 1 hour sessions $550, 5 x 1 hour sessions $287.50, 10 x 1/2 hour sessions $275, 5 x 1/2 hour sessions $143.75

Click here to buy private / semi-private class passes.

Buy Passes

Registered Passes

Drop-In Passes


If we don’t have enough sign-ups for a registered class 3 days prior to its start date the class will be cancelled & money returned or put towards a different class if requested.

To qualify for early bird pricing for registered classes the pass must be bought two weeks prior to the start date of a class. If an early bird pass is bought after that two week market it will be counted as a 5 session pass instead.

We also can offer a variety of different classes upon request & also workshops/teacher training. Below is a sample of past classes/workshops offered.

  • Teacher Training

  • Personal Training – One on One

  • Personal Training – Group

  • Classes tailored for sports teams

  • Therapeutic Yoga/Post

  • Pilates on the Ball


Lee Anne Nowell – Director

Lee Anne is a fully certified instructor in Yoga/Yoga Therapy, Pilates, Personal Training, Pain Science & shares her knowledge of anatomy, physiology & body-mind principles to encourage students to find the teacher within. Lee Anne draws from her many varied life experiences & daily living to inspire her students to constantly use & investigate their own life from different perspectives & to use their yoga practice as an integral tool into self-discovery.
Lee Anne draws inspiration from daily yoga practice, meditation, prayer, study of ancient philosophies, Buddhist teachings, daily life. Embracing all, the good the bad & the ugly, with great acceptance that the day is as it is in the moment. Lee Anne enjoys sharing insight with all her classes where each student can find & nurture a seed for their own growth & development emotionally, physically & spiritually.
Lee Anne is also a decorated fitness competitor within the Ontario Physique Association & enjoys being fit & active & applying her vast knowledge of the human body to help her students achieve whatever goals they might have.

Alex Edghill – Trainer

Alex is a fully certified Personal Training Instructor & computer geek. Alex runs the Transformations website & also trains client out of the studio & assists with program development.

Dexter aka “Lord Business” – Head Of Security

Dexter is in charge of security at the studio & protects its patrons from any lurking evil. He works for hugs, the best currency in the world.

Studio Location

We are located at 618 Brasswinds Trail, Oshawa, Ontario, L1K2Z2. The closest major intersection is Harmony and Taunton.

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Testimonials: We Love our Students, & They Love Us!

We are fully dedicated to our students at Transformations as we offer more than classes but a small community of like-minded souls all searching/striving for similar things.

“Transformations is a warm & inviting studio & Lee Anne is a phenomenal teacher.”

Transformations is a warm & inviting studio & Lee Anne is a phenomenal teacher. I have taken a variety of classes with her over the past 10 years. She has changed my life & I couldn’t imagine practising with anyone else.”
– Loreen L.

I was going through a stressful time in my life when I first was introduced to yoga. Tired from working & life stresses. So I try yoga with different teachers & was amazed at how great I felt after a yoga class. I wanted to share this with others. My younger sister was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia so I dragged her into yoga & paid for her first class. She was so much better! Together my sister & I did the Teacher Training with Lee Anne. Well Lee Anne is such an amazing person & such an inspiring teacher! Lee Anne is a kind & caring soul, she helped me grasp the teaching to use in my everyday life & as well pass on these life lessons to others…
Susan R.
From my very first class it’s always been a welcoming warm environment. No matter what size the class is I always feel like its a class set up specifically for me, like its one on one. I’ve also become more aware of my body since making Transformations Yoga a part of my weekly routine, daily life. I’ve achieved more positive results sooner than I thought I could as a result of following instruction of Lee Anne at Transformations Yoga. I’ve been to various yoga studios & differing yoga classes. None of them compare to the positive results I’ve been able to achieve at Transformations Yoga & the very knowledgeable & supportive Lee Anne.